Anticellullite massage

Cellulite is known as orange-peel skin and is the result of accumulated lymph between intercellular spaces. In this place is greatly limited blood flow and lymph.

Causes of cellulite:
Genetic factors, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, inappropriate diet, tight clothing, smoking cigarettes, stress, alcohol, caffeine, ….

Grades of cellulite:

  • First Grade – mild cellulite – visible when skin is pinched.
  • Second Grade– visible without pressing the skin, when standing in front of the mirror with clenched muscles, when sitting it´s visible in sharp side light, when laying down the cellulite disappears.
  • Third Grade – moderate cellulite – cellulite is clearly visible, whether standing, sitting or laying down.
  • Fourth Grade– severe cellulite – cellulite inequalities are permanent. Appears after turning 40 years.

Thanks to the massage, cells are better supplied with nutrients and oxygen. I recommend combining anti cellulite massage with manual lymph drainage of the legs and the gluteal muscles.

Important is to regularly take a massage, healthy lifestyle, and enough exercise. 🙂

Massage has strong psychotherapeutic effects, relaxes muscles and relieves pain.


PRICE: 20€