TAO massage

TAO massage – Meditation massage

Pleasant harmonizing massage to relief stresses and removes blocks and tensions.

This massage is a gentle caress of the whole body, and works with meridians and chakras.
In deep relaxation energy is distributed throughout the body and its harmonization.
The aim of TAO massage is to wake up the body´s energy to help self healing. This energy is found in the body´s energy system, keeping the body healthy on the psychological or physical side. The main task of this massage is self-love, self-reflection, and self-confidence.

Detailed description of individual chakras:

  • The First Chakra

Is Muladhara, also known as Root Chakra or basic chakra and is located between the anus and the genitals. The first chakra is associated with the Earth element and its sensory function is smell. The basic chakra connects human with the physical world. It changes cosmic energy on physical, terrestrial plane. At the same time, the first chakra of Earth´s energy flows through the whole energy system.

Through this chakra we have contact with the “spirit of the Mother Earth”, we experience her strength, love and patience. First chakra´s area also includes the building of existence, material security and the establishment of family as well as sexuality.

The first chakra forms a vital foundation and a source of vital power for the higher chakras. The first chakra should be in balance with the seventh chakra in order to maintain our inner stability.

  • The Second Chakra

The second chakra is called Svadhishthana. We can also call it Sacral Chakra. It is located right below the navel and extends to its centre. Its sensory function is taste. Through this chakra we have access to consuming energies that penetrate through the whole nature. This chakra is often deeming as the seat of the Shakti – the female aspect of God, in the form of a generating power. The second chakra decisively influences interpersonal relations, especially with the other sex.

  • The Third Chakra

The third chakra is Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is located about two fingers under the navel and is open forwardly. The third chakra´s element is fire and the sense function is sight. The basic principle of the third chakra is to create a being. By the third chakra we enter an active relationship with worldly things and other people. It is the area from which our emotional energy comes. From here, our interpersonal relations, sympathy and antipathy, as well as the ability of lasting emotional ties, are control. For an ordinary person, the third chakra is a personality. It is a place where you find your social identification and search confirmation with your strength, willpower, effort to help or adapt to social standards.
An important task of the third chakra is to purify the tendencies and wishes of the two lower chakras, to consciously guide and use their creative energies, to manifest the spiritual quality of higher chakras in the material world, and attain the fullest fulfilment in life at all levels. The chakra is in direct connection with the astral vibrational field, called the “wish” or “request” field. It enters into strength and illuminates our life and our entire world. When our third chakra is open, we feel fresh, joyful and internally filled. On the other hand, if this chakra is blocked or disturbed, our mood is unbalanced and gloomy. This feeling is always reflected in the surrounding world, so our whole life seems either clear or dark. The amount of light in us determines the clarity of our insights and the quality of our work. With increasing integration and inner maturity, the yellow light of intellectual understanding in the third chakra gradually turns to the golden light of wisdom and depth. By the chakra, we also perceive the vibrations of other people directly and respond accordingly.

  • The Forth Chakra

The forth chakra is Anahata, also known as Heart Chakra. This chakra is associated to the centre of the chest, slightly to the left of the physical heart. The basic principle of the heart chakra is surrender. The chakra of the heart creates the centre of the chakra system. It combines three lower physical-emotional centres, with three upper-spiritual ones. The role of the heart centre is to unite through love. Every desire for eternal contact, after blending, harmony and love, manifests itself through the heart chakra. These manifestations are also obvious, otherwise-sadness, pain, fear of separation, loss of love, and so on. In its cleansed and perfectly open form, the heart chakra is the centre of true unconditional love – love, which is only for itself the same that cannot BE or LOSE. By each negative we create separation and negativity. Through the chakra of the heart, we have a great potential for transformation and healing, both for ourselves and for others.

The centre of the heart radiates very strongly. The open heart chakra has a spontaneous healing effect on other spontaneous healing functions. A heart chakra is often called a gateway to the soul as it is not just the seat of the deepest feelings of love. Through it we can connect with the universal part of our soul.

The Fifth Chakra

Throat Chakra, called Vishuddha or Communication centre. This chakra is located at the carotid plexus. It is connected to the neck and opens forward. The basic principle of the fifth chakra is resonance with being. The centre of human expressive abilities, communication and inspiration is in the throat chakra. The fifth chakra creates a very important connection between the lower chakra and the chakra of the head. It serves as the bridge between our thinking and feeling, between our impulses and the reactions to them. It also traps the contents of all the chakras with the outside world. Through the neck chakra we express everything that lives in us-laughter, cry, feelings of joy and love, as well as fear and anger, our intentions, wishes, thoughts and opinions, our perception of the inner world.

  • The Sixth Chakra

The sixth chakra – Ajna, called Third Eye, is located between the eyebrows. In this chakra, all sensory functions, as well as super-sensory perceptions, are “contained”. The basic principle of the sixth chakra is the knowledge of the being. The sixth chakra is the seat of higher spiritual powers, intellectual capabilities of distinctions, memory and will, supreme control centre of the central nervous system at the physical level. The Sixth Chakra is the seat of all awareness processes – the ability to manifest, to materialization or dematerialization. We can create new realities and disturb the old. However, this process proceeds automatically, without our conscious co-operation. Most thoughts that determine our lives are controlled by our fixed emotional reactions and are programmed by our own judgments and prejudices. With the development of our consciousness and the gradual opening of the sixth chakra, we can increasingly control this process. The power of our imagination creates the energy to fulfil a certain thought or wish. In conjunction with an open heart chakra we can transmit healing energies and heal at a distance.

  • The Seventh Chakra

The seventh chakra – Sahasrara, also called Crown Chakra“, Chakra of the top of the head. The seventh chakra is placed from all seven chakras highest. The basic principle of the chakra is pure being. The crown chakra is the seat of the highest perfection in human. The seventh chakra is the source and the starting point for the energies of all other chakras. By developing the seventh chakra, the last blocks in the other chakras are released and their energies begin to vibrate at the highest frequencies. Each chakra becomes the mirror of being at its special level and shows its highest potential. To work with chakras, it is necessary to learn to work with our inner “world”. Through this inner world we can influence the chakras. Through the chakras we can develop, cure, positively influence our surroundings, but also effectively defend against the “pests” in our surroundings. Everything requires “only” effort and exercise. Of course we have to add a desire to improve. Without this power, we can do nothing, and we will be disappointed that it actually doesn´t work.

PRICE: 200€