The Mojzis Method and Infertility Treatment

You may have heard about these exercises. They are unpretentious, but the effect is miraculous. The method is mainly associated with exercises that help women who have a problem with infertility, although the set of these compensatory exercises was originally prepared for patients with headache and back pain.

Mrs. Mojzis was observing muscle functions around the spine. If you don´t have enough exercises muscles flaccid, and will cause a spinal cord dislocation, tailbone deflection, or rotation of the pelvis and ribs.

When does the exercise help?
Exercise can be successfully used for the following problems:

  • arthrosis of hip joints
  • children scoliosis
  • back pain
  • pain in external genital organs
  • pain during sexual intercourse
  • missing menstruation
  • painful menstruation
  • repeated miscarriages
  • inability to get pregnant

Performing exercises

Exercises are not physically demanding or hardly feasible. Important is to perform every exercise correctly and regularly. Only then can be achieved release, stretch and strengthen muscle groups. There must be no pain, only a feeling of tension and tension of the muscles. If you want to be sure about the right way, you can try the exercises under the guidance of a trained physiotherapist. The set of exercises is aimed at strengthening the gluteal and abdominal muscles, which ensure the proper position of the pelvis. Then there are relaxing and mobilizing exercises and stretching. Relaxation and mobilization exercises are needed to relive the tension of the pelvic floor muscles, which can be transmitted to the fallopian tubes, the uterus and the vagina. The exercises are 10 and are quite simple. Every week the number of repetition increases. Regularity and perseverance are often rewarded. In addition to functional sterility, this method also helps in mild, severe, painful or irregular menstruation, against pain during sexual intercourse, spontaneous abortions, incontinence, back pain and lower abdomen and even poor spermiogram results. With few adjustments, this method can also be used during pregnancy to thelp ease and speed up childbirth.

It is important to have two sessions at the therapist for about 120 minutes.


PRICE: 30€